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Highways & Byways

­Some of the most important roads which pass through the district have a long history.

Most of them have been used for centuries employed in the transportation of goods and materials, around the north of England.

Some have been upgraded a number of times, starting off as little more than tracks and turning into major routes, others have not fared as well.

A number of the old routes were upgrade to Turnpike Roads and Toll gates erected, where monies were collected, which went towards the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Where possible the old routes sought the higher ground away from the marshy wooded valley bottoms, the higher ridgeways between valleys also provided unrestricted views such that routes could be more easily followed in areas where there were few distinctive features.

Here we make available a brief history of some of the thoroughfares which have made possible the development of the region.

The information to produce these accounts has been drawn from many different sources.

One particular source that we would wish to acknowledge is the work of Professor David Hey, who has written an excellent book titled “Packmen, Carriers and Packhorse Roads” which describes some ot the ancient routes of North Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, many of which cross our district.

Professor Hey was born and brought up at Catshaw near PENISTONE but as he is a Scholar and a Gentleman we won’t hold that against him.

For those true Stockbridge’s amongst you, who like to look after the pennies, you will be relived to know that there is a copy of the book in the Local History section of the Stocksbridge Library.

Bradfield to Wakefield Route
Cut Gate
Langsett, Wadsley & Sheffield Turnpike
Mortimer Road
Old Salt Road via Saltersbrook