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Although the Stocksbridge & District is surrounded by reservoirs which collect water from a very large catchment area of surrounding moorland, it is not normally prone to heavy flooding.

In 2007 after a prolonged period of rain, the area, like many other areas of the country, experienced what proved to be very trying times due to flooding.

The Steelworks and homes adjacent to the River Don were badly affected, due to the very high volume of water.

The Floods of 2007

The following photographs show what some residents experienced during this period.

As you will see from the images, the Steelworks was also badly affected, but due to an excellent response from Management, Engineering and Production personnel, the loss in output was kept to a minimum.

The Floods of 1931

Between the dates of the 3rd to the 5th of September 1931 the District experienced flooding just as extreme, if not more so than those suffered in 2007.

We only have images of the Steelworks which as can be seen was badly affected, there was also a short article in the Autumn 1946 publication of the Fox magazine.

We can only guess how much loss of production there was that time.

The saying "History repeats itself" is certainly confirmed in these two sets of images.