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Cut Gate

Jeffreys map of 1771 describes this route as a Bridleway; the route was probably used as a Packhorse trail and a Drover’s route connecting the Derwent valley and the Market at Penistone

We describe the route starting at the reconstructed Slippery Stones Bridge at the head of the Howden Reservoir.

The bridge was erected here in 1959, it had originally spanned the river further down stream but was removed prior to the construction of the reservoir.

The route continues up Bull Clough, passing close to the Trig point at Margery Hill.

It then continues over Featherbed Moss to Mickleden Edge before dropping down towards the village of Langsett.

Here we have a view of Langsett reservoir taken from the track leading to Cut Gate at North America.

The ruins of this old Farm House at North America, it’s reported that the Farm was used for target practice by troops training for the D-Day landings in 1944 and that the track leading up from the reservoir was reinforced to accommodate tanks for Army training with brick rubble from houses in Sheffield which were destroyed when the City was attacked earlier in the war.

A fairly new addition to the route is the Brookhouse Bridge erected in 1904, it spans the Little Don River at the head of the Langsett Reservoir.

Near the bridge are the remains of Brookhouse Farm which along with other Farmsteads was depopulated prior to the reservoir being officially opened in 1904.

The route continues towards Penistone, joining the Old Salt Route from Saltersbrook close to the junction at Paw Hill.

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