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Description:Brook Cottages were located at Hawthorn Brook near to the bottom of Newton Avenue on Manchester Road built by Charles Broadhead before 1861. Albert Robinson the “Pop Man” used the property as his Mineral Water Manufacturer business premises. He had been in partnership with a Mister Schofield, who later set up his own facility in Victoria Street. According to Ginny Burgin her grandad Kenneth Luddington bought both cottages from Pop Robinson's family and they lived in them until the council deemed them 'unfit' because they had no bathrooms or running hot water. They were compulsory purchased in 1962 and the family rehoused by the council. According to Mick Haigh, Ginnys brother the cellar flooded every winter and there was a little trap door you could lift to look down into the brook. He can vaguely remember his grandad building a greenhouse where the old stone 'bottling plant' used to be, also there was an air raid shelter behind the stone wall on the left and his grandad filled it in.
Date uploaded:21st January 2011
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Subject:Brook Cottages
Location:Stocksbridge Area - Hawthorn Brook

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