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Fox Magazines


The following re-worded transcript was published in the final "Fox Magazine" in the winter of 1966, the first publication being in the spring of 1946.
It explains the reason for its publication, its objectives and why it finally came to an end.
The transcript suggested that 84 magazines were issued, but the Society have only 83 copies.
We suspect that in reality that there were only three publications in 1966, with the autumn and winter editions being combined into a single issue.
If we are mistaken on this point and anyone has a copy of a magazine from the autumn of 1966, we would like to hear from you.

The Story of the Fox Magazine

The magazine really began in 1939, the year the Second World War was declared, when the Works Council requested that the Company consider a publication for all its employees and their families.
The paper shortage caused by the war delayed it however, and the magazine began with the Spring 1946 edition, its policy being, "for employees, about employees, the Company and its achievements, and as far as possible, by employees."
In an introductory message by Mr. S. A. Jackson, General Manager at the time, said.
"We hope that it will help to foster and develop a spirit of co-operation and good-fellowship, and encourage interest and enthusiasm in this business of earning a living."
The magazine completed seven volumes with 12 editions in each, making 84 with the last issue.
Over those 20 years circulation had almost exactly doubled from 3,800 to 7,500 copies.
The magazine was not only mailed to all of the Company's 900 retired employees, but also to many who had left the Company for other parts of Britain and the far comers of the world.
It carried with it the Company's image and it's goodwill.
Regular contributors included contributions from nearly every level of employees, from the General Manager to the new recruit who could draw a cartoon.
Local poets too, have given us offerings of beauty, and many will recall Mr. Albert Hirst whose poems of homely wisdom were sought after by readers far from their native valley.
In 1967 the Company, following the line taken by other branches of the Group, starting a weekly newspaper with a view to giving more immediate news to everybody than was possible in a three-monthly publication, allegedly in keeping with the faster speed of decision and progress essential in those days.
This virtually wrote the end of the quarterly as it inevitably absorbed the news on every front at a much faster pace, it is worth noting that Samuel Fox & Co. Ltd. allowed their quarterly and their new weekly to overlap longer than any other division of the Group.

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Church  The Church on the Hill  1964 Autumn edition  J. Challis 
Coal Production  Epitaph of A Pit  1948 Summer edition  Harry Eastwood 
Corn Production  Local Industries Of The Past No 5 - Corn Milling  1962 Spring edition  Jacqueline Stafford 
Early Civilisations  7,000 Years Old Find At Deepcar  1963 Summer edition  F. Seddon& F. Hepworth 
Early Civilisations  Early Man In The Stocksbridge Area  1965 Spring edition  J. Radley 
Forging  Top Forge Wortley  1950 Autumn edition   
Forging  Wortley Forge Official Opening As An Industrial Museum  1955 Autumn edition   
Ganister, Clay & Firestone Production  John Armitage Of Deepcar  1962 Autumn edition  A. Coultas 
Ganister, Clay & Firestone Production  Local Industries Of The Past No 3 - Ganister and Fire-Stone  1961 Summer edition  Jacqueline Stafford 
Ganister, Clay & Firestone Production  Local Industries Of The Past No 4 - Clay Mining  1961 Autumn edition  Jacqueline Stafford 
Geology  The Geology Of Stocksbridge  1946 Summer edition  W. H. Wilcockson 
Glass Production  Local Industries Of The Past No 1 - The Glass Industry   1960 Winter edition  Jacqueline Stafford 
Green Moor Stone  Green Moor Stone Or Yorkshire Grit Part 1  1965 Summer edition  Jack Branston 
Green Moor Stone  Green Moor Stone Or Yorkshire Grit Part 2  1965 Autumn edition  Jack Branston 
Lead Production  Local Industries Of The Past No 2 - The Lead Industry  1961 Spring edition  Jacqueline Stafford 
Local Area  Our own countryside  1948 Autumn edition  Albert Hirst 
Local Area - Bradfield  Bradfield looks inwards and outwards  1958 Summer edition  Sheffield University  
Local Area - Deepcar  Fox Glen (The Clough)  1948 Summer edition  Jas Helliwell 
Local Area - Langsett  Waggon & Horses  1960 Winter edition   
Local Area - Midhope  Midhope Or The Mid-Valley Betwixt The Don And The Ewden Part 1  1966 Spring edition  Jack Branston 
Local Area - Midhope  Midhope Or The Mid-Valley Betwixt The Don And The Ewden Part 2  1966 Summer edition  Jack Branston 
Local Area - Stocksbridge  British Hall Days Are Numbered  1963 Summer edition  Charles Brown & Herbert & Grace M. Pearce 
Local Area - Stocksbridge  Landmarks  1958 Summer edition  C. Brown 
Local Area - Stocksbridge  New gas supply to Stocksbridge  1962 Winter edition   
Local Area - Stocksbridge  Silver Fox Public House  1963 Summer edition  C.R.W. Peake 
Local Area - Stocksbridge  Stocksbridge  1959 Autumn edition  C.R.W. Peake 
Local Area - Stocksbridge  Stocksbridge Through Fifty Years  1961 Winter edition  Stanley Moxon 
Local People - Rag Harry  When Rag Harry tak'sem.  1966 Winter edition  Jack Branston 
Local People - Spurley Hey  Spurley Hey - Lest We Forget - A tribute To The Late Spurley Hey  1966 Winter edition  Jack Branston 
Railways  Thurgoland Tunnels  1948 Autumn edition   
Schools - Bolsterstone  Bolsterstone Free School  1958 Autumn edition   
Schools - Midhope  A Tale of Tradegy And Success at Midhope School  Paragon issue Number 75 August 2015   
Sport  Knur & Spell  1947 Autumn edition  Fred Marsh 
Steel Production  A Furnace  1956 Winter edition   
Steel Production  B Furnace  1957 Winter edition   
Steel Production  Cold Rolled Strip  1947 Winter edition   
Steel Production  Cold Rolled Strip Further expansion  1956 Spring edition   
Steel Production  Electric Steel making  1946 Summer edition  F. T. Bagnall 
Steel Production  Henholmes gasholder  1948 Autumn edition   
Steel Production  Jubilee Cottages  1950 Spring edition   
Steel Production  Manufacturing of Springs  1952 Winter edition   
Steel Production  New Wire Dept. Sheephouse Wood opens  1963 Autumn edition   
Steel Production  Old Rod Mill Closes  1961 Summer edition   
Steel Production  Rolling of Stainless steel  1946 Autumn edition   
Steel Production  Rotherfield Works  1963 Spring edition   
Steel Production  Sapphire Project  1965 Autumn edition   
Steel Production  Siemens Steel making  1946 Spring edition  R. Swinden 
Steel Production  Training Workshops  1958 Summer edition   
Steel Production  Vacuum Degassing No 2 Melting shop  1964 Winter edition   
Steel Production  Watch & Light Springs  1961 Winter edition   
Steel Production - Samuel Fox  The Grave Of Samuel Fox  1955 Winter edition  O. Inman. 
Steel Production - Samuel Fox  The Samuel Fox Story Part 1  1965 Autumn edition  Hazel Stansfield 
Steel Production - Samuel Fox  The Samuel Fox Story Part 2  1966 Spring edition  Hazel Stansfield 
War memorial  The Stocksbridge War Memorial Clock  1957 Summer edition  L. Herbert 
Wool Production  Local Industries Of The Past No 6 - The Woollen Industry  1962 Summer edition  Jacqueline Stafford