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Description:This photograph is of Kathleen Smith, outside their Prefab at number 4 Wilson Road, Deepcar. It was later renumbered as 24 because it confused the postman, as there were similar numbers in use for the older houses already there. You can clearly see the view they had of Florence Buildings and the Lowoods chimneys. Wilson Road sloped quite steeply and the stone wall at the side of the garden, with a cowfield on the other side, tapered inwards at the bottom of the road. Her Dad spent months making paths front and back, a patio and a base for a swing as well as setting out all the garden with vegetables and fruit bushes. The lounge window is on the right.The lounge had a very small stove/fire on the inside wall and it had two doors on it with little panes of glass in them. The door at one end of the lounge went into the kitchen where they had a built-in table, which folded up against the wall when necessary, a built-in ironing board, which lifted up from one of the base units, and wonder of wonders a built-in fridge!! That was very modern in those days. Her Mum used to get bottles of orange juice from the Baby Clinic up Stocksbridge, in bottles similar to the size of a medicine bottle, and make lollipops in the ice-cube tray.
Date uploaded:13th September 2011
File type:JPG
Subject:Wilson Road
Location:Deepcar Area

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